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Lincoln’s Twins Part Five: Radomsko, Poland

The fifth city on our series brings us back to Europe with a visit to Radomsko, Poland. As the capital of Radomsko County, this city became a hub for nobility and trade during the 14th and 15th centuries. Since then, Radomsko has grown to include a thriving furniture and glass industry, with products shipped all over the […]

Lincoln’s Twins Part Four: Tangshan, Hebei Province, China

Today’s edition of our Lincoln’s Twins series takes us to the Far East with Twin City Number Four; Tangshan, Hebei Province, China Tangshan’s prefecture population was 7,577,284 in 2010 – that’s 58 times the population of Lincoln! Despite the difference in size, the two cities have quite a few things in common. First up is tourism. […]

Lincoln’s Twins Part Three: Port Lincoln, Australia

We’re going Down Under with part three of our Lincoln’s Twins series with a visit to Port Lincoln, Australia. Visit the ‘Seafood Capital of Australia’ and experience an entirely different Lincoln than you’re used to. Port Lincoln is located in South Australia and has some amazing sea views. It also has a thriving tourist industry, […]

Lincoln’s Twins- Part 1

The idea of ‘twinning’ a town or city with another in a different country was conceived shortly after the Second World War. It was believed that by twinning two cities with each other you would foster better relationships between the two and greater cultural understanding would come from the union. Did you know that Lincoln […]