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LHF Conference 2022

The LHF hosted its first in-person conference in three years on Thursday 3 November, at The Collection in Lincoln. The thirty delegates represented heritage sites, heritage charities and learned historical societies, as well as including individuals who have contributed substantially to the region’s heritage over many years. The first session was a panel discussion on the value of volunteers in the heritage sector, chaired by Julia Knight. Mark Bamford, of Sleaford Museum and himself a volunteer, praised the passion and dedication of volunteers and identified some of the post-Covid challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteers. Sleaford Museum had implemented many […]

In honour of Catherine Wilson OBE

Heather Hughes (Vice-Chair, LHF) Catherine Wilson has a lot of letters after her name: OBE, FSA, FMA, FRGS.  The Lincolnshire Heritage Forum is not in a position to add any more – instead, at its 2022 conference in November, the Forum honoured her with a Lifetime Achievement Award. We wanted to thank Catherine for her dedication to preserving and promoting the county’s heritage, both in her professional career and as a committed volunteer. Catherine grew up close to Windsor Castle, where the sights and sounds of royal pageantry made a deep imprint on her. When she was in sixth form, […]