Being the Story – 16th Sept, London

Friday 16th September 2016, Conway Hall London

An event featuring 10 inspirational talks which will spark conversations, challenge perceptions and provoke ideas.  This event is hosted by sounddelivery, who specialise in digital storytelling.

Become part of Being the Story to:

  • Better understand the importance of storytelling and its impact
  • Feel inspired to gather stories and find new ways to communicate them to the public
  • Develop the confidence to share your own experience, or support others to share theirs
  • Be challenged by what you hear, perhaps feeling angry or moved, but engaged and motivated to take action.

Organisations in the charity sector can face barriers to telling their stories – particularly those working with vulnerable people.  Being the Story will show that there are many different creative ways to talk about important issues.

Tickets start from £95 + VAT. Book yours now at