Our Lincolnshire Heritage Talk

A message from Anna Cruse, Research Assistant at the University of Lincoln:


I wanted to get in touch with you regarding the ‘Our Lincolnshire’ project, as we are now in the process of coordinating visits around Lincolnshire to give presentations about the work that we have done (with a particular focus on the development of our web-app) to the county’s communities. I wondered if you might know of any groups that would be interested in hosting a speaker from the project? It would be wonderful to talk people through our web-app, to give them the opportunity to try it out during the presentation and to discuss the results. We are also very keen to hear people’s feedback on the web-app and the project in general.
We can of course tailor presentations depending on the group (eg. If you know of any groups particularly interested in the RAF history of the county, we can gear the talk towards aviation heritage) and would be happy to organise the visits for any time this or next week – rather late notice, I realise, but any help that you are able to give would be hugely appreciated. Would you perhaps be able to put me in touch with any groups that you think would be interested?
Kind regards,
Anna Cruse