Commemoration of WWI in the Parish of Witham-on-the-Hill

Commemoration of WWI in the Parish of Witham-on-the-Hill (Including Manthorpe, Toft and Lound)

Produced by Witham-on-the-Hill Historical Society

Registered Charity No. 1078244 

The Launch of a New Publication 100 years after the War.

The First World War saw 65 men (and one woman) from the area join the armed forces, mostly the Army but also the Navy and Royal Flying Corp. Of these,15 died (23%). This booklet is a record of the war as seen by the parishioners at the time, in date order and in the language, grammar and sometimes spelling of the period. The text is from the Parish Magazine, written by the vicar, Canon Leonard Cooley and is unedited which gives an interesting insight into the thinking of the time, from a social history view point.

Canon Cooley was the vicar of Witham parish (including Manthorpe, Toft and Lound) from 1900 -1945. He lived in the vicarage at Witham and had a finger in nearly every pie in the parish, with hardly any committee formed without him. He hosted tennis parties at his home, played cricket for the Parish Team, was a frequent visitor to “the Hall” and was a well known local figure

Historical Notes are given between entries, with lots of other research, press cuttings, posters and records of the time. 

A hard, spiral bound A4 colour copy is available on a print to order basis at £7.50 (plus £2.50 P&P, if not collecting) or an electronic version is available for £5, on CD Rom or memory stick.

To order a copy please contact Peter Cork on 01778 590204 – messages can be left, or email leaving your name and address, telephone number and email.

All profits go to Witham-on-the-Hill Historical Society, to which cheques should be made payable. C/o Bantry House, Manthorpe, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 0JE.