CBA East Midlands Parish Boundaries Project

Some of you may be aware of the CBA East Midlands Parish Boundaries Project already, but I thought I’d circulate some information for those of you who haven’t come across it.  

It’s something that I’ve only found out about today, but it looks like a really interesting  project, aimed at local heritage groups across the East Midlands.  There’s more information about the project at:

 Our team would be very happy to support groups who are recording and researching local parish boundaries, so please do get in touch if you have any questions.  The Historic Environment Record has  information which may help to shed light on the archaeological and historical development of some of our parish boundaries, although there has never been any systematic survey of them.  You can access HER information online, on Lincs to the Past – and the Heritage Gateway –

You can also contact the HER staff directly on 

The Historic Landscape Characterisation project might also have useful information in it for this kind of survey and study.  A summary of what the project aimed to achieve, and the results of the project can be found at: