‘Woolly Spires’ – Knitted Churches of Lincolnshire

Woolly spire logo

Many of Lincolnshire’s churches were funded by wealthy landowners who made their fortune literally on the backs of the county’s iconic breed of sheep the Lincoln Longwool. artsNK have worked with local knitting groups, across Lincolnshire, supporting them to create 3d woolly versions of their parish churches, using only the wool of the Lincoln rare breed.

The existing collection of their amazing work, St Denys’, Sleaford; St Mary & St Nicolas, Spalding and St Botolph’s , Boston (The Boston Stump), is now joined by the woolly version of St James’ Church, a wonderfully crafted creation by Louth’s M&G Designs Knitters and is on show at St James’ Church until mid-September 2015

Opening times are 10am-4pm.

For more information about Woolly Spires visit http://www.artsnk.org/whats-on/woolly-spires-on-show-at-st-james-church-louth/  or https://www.facebook.com/woollyspires