Appeal for display units and cabinets

Please, Can you Help?

The Museum of Technology the Great War & WW11, Throckenholt, are in urgent need of display units and cabinets.

Since March we have constructed six bespoke cabinets to house the Military Collection.

We now need to concentrate on un-packing the rest of the collection, and find cabinets to accommodate Telegraphy, Telephony, Wireless, TV, Gramophones, Valves, Electrics and all the other wonderful bits and bobs which make up the Museum of Technology.

If you have any cabinets which you no longer require, please think of our museum and help us to complete the work.

Our Face book page via the web site will help you to see what we have achieved so far.


Rosie Hourihane

07770 571599

01945 700772