Do you have a playing field or green spaces with First World War connections?

Dear all,

I have been contacted by Samantha Smith from Community Lincs, part of her role is to support playing field committees across Lincolnshire.  The national playing fields organisation Fields in Trust (FiT) and the Royal British Legion are currently running a programme to commemorate fields and open spaces across the county that may have a link with World War 1.  The link to the war could be anything from a war memorial on an open space or a field being used by servicemen and women for R&R or village events.  One example FiT have given is a field in Bedford that is next to a hospital, the field was used by patients for R&R as part of their recovery.  More information about the scheme can be found here:

Centenary Fields aims to secure recreational spaces in perpetuity to honour the memory of the millions of people who lost their lives in World War I. Through this new programme landowners across the UK will be encouraged to dedicate at least one recreational space as a Centenary Field. This will commemorate this significant milestone in our history and create a tangible local legacy that will be valued by communities for generations to come. These spaces can include war memorial parks and playing fields given in memory of those who lost their lives, or other significant green spaces.

Samantha has sent out information to Parish councils but has so far had very little feedback from Lincolnshire organisations.   If you  or an organisation in your town or village has information about the use of playing fields or green spaces during the First World War she would love to hear from you.   Once Samantha has gathered any information, she will then pass this onto the relevant playing field or open space committee or land owner in the hope that they will then get in touch with Fields in Trust to register their field.

Contact details as follows:
Senior Rural Officer Community Facilities
Community Lincs

Direct Dial Tel: 01529 301960