Museum Seeking Souvenirs

Do you have any interesting keepsakes, mementoes or souvenirs of Woodhall Spa?

Perhaps you have an intriguing keepsake from when the village was a Spa town, or maybe an unusual postcard, a memento of a commemorative event or a unique hand-made souvenir.

If you have an interesting souvenir of Woodhall Spa, staff at the Cottage Museum in Woodhall Spa will be delighted to hear from you. Volunteers at the Museum would like to record your souvenir by taking a photograph and collecting any associated stories, who did it belong to, what is it, what was it used for?, how old is it?, where did it come from? It may be that your souvenir is a cherished keepsake, hold special memories or holds clues about life in the past and activities that took place. If you are in agreement, the Museum may be interested in displaying your souvenir for a short time in one of the secure display cases, alongside some examples of souvenirs from the Museum collections. 

Woodhall Spa has been a popular holiday and attractive tourist destination since its development as an elegant and fashionable place to take the waters in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Souvenirs, of which postcards were probably the most prolific, were abundant and have been prevalent in many forms ever since and provide valuable pictorial evidence. Souvenirs from Woodhall Spa will undoubtedly have found their way far and wide across Britain and much further afield.

Souvenirs will be just one of the many themes that the Cottage Museum will explore as part ‘The History of Woodhall Spa through100 Objects and Stories’ project. The Cottage Museum will invite people to share objects and associated stories with the wider community on a variety of themes. Information and stories about objects have already been contributed by schools. It is anticipated that later this year‘100 Objects and Stories’ will be available on the web-site. 

If you have an interesting souvenir from Woodhall Spa that you would like to share, then please do contact the Museum. This can be done either by emailing or by calling the Museum on 01526 352454 and leaving a message and a member of the team will call back.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Kathy Holland Activity Manager
Cottage Museum, Woodhall Spa Lincolnshire LN10 6SH