Lincoln’s Twins Part Six: Nanchang, China

Last, but not least, we are visiting China once again for our final city in our Lincoln’s Twins series;

Nanchang, China

The most recent addition to Lincoln’s extended family is Nanchang in China. The twinning agreement was only officially signed in October 2014 and so we are still learning a lot about our new sibling. What we do know is that Nanchang is the capital city of the Jiangxi Province in south eastern China and that is it a bustling hub for the railroad industry.

It is also the home of the largest body of freshwater in China, the Poyang Lake, where you can see amazing migrating birds such as the Siberian Crane, and rare sea mammals such as the finless porpoise, or  jiangzhu (‘river pig’). Like many Lincolnshire natives, the people of Nanchang are protective over their native wildlife and there is a lot of work being done at the moment to halt the declining numbers of the jiangzhu which have been severely affected by a recent drought in the area.

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