Museum of Technology the Great War & WW11 – A Potted History Part 3

Our Story so far.. (Continued from last week)

To date, the building is up, a workshop for conservation work is complete, the under floor heating is in place and working from an outside heat pump, all very eco, the loo is being tiled the kitchen has been measured up and just needs to be chosen. The flooring for the archives and office (upstairs) is on order, and the shelving for the archives has been chosen. All of the walls and ceilings that needed plastering have been plastered and where they needed painting that too has been done. In the main wing a suspended ceiling will hide all the cables and wiring needed for the lights, computers, security etc. The block walls will have cabinets against them, so only need a small amount of painting to be done to them, as for the cabinets, in Hemel Hempstead we bought several ready made free standing cabinets which we found adequate for our needs, but they did let in dust, so not suitable for a brand new museum with a collection that needs good preservation, so we have decided to make our own cabinets to fit our space and artefacts. This is an ongoing discussion and will take some time to sort out, for instance rifles only need a certain amount of wall space whereas machine guns take up a huge area, so lots of designs are being drawn up and soon all will be resolved. I’m hoping to create a couple of living displays, using the new mannequins we purchased with the grant from MDEM.

Groundwork’s are underway and to date the disabled access ramps have been created to and from all the emergency exits.

In Hemel we had to display our artefacts in a rather random way, using space where we could find it, so collections were not always kept together, i.e. gramophones, telephones, telegraphy, wireless and TV etc. etc. would get mixed up a bit, but they should all have their own areas, here we will give all the different collections the space and displays they so richly deserve.

Our progress can be seen on the face book link on the home page of our web site;

Rosie Hourihane