Lincoln’s Twins Part Five: Radomsko, Poland

The fifth city on our series brings us back to Europe with a visit to Radomsko, Poland.

As the capital of Radomsko County, this city became a hub for nobility and trade during the 14th and 15th centuries. Since then, Radomsko has grown to include a thriving furniture and glass industry, with products shipped all over the world.

The glassworks in Radomsko started after the Second World War and focused mostly on hand blown glassware that could be used in every settings such as homes and offices. From there the industry expanded to include industrial and manufacturing sectors and Radomsko glass production is used by customers across the globe.

Like those who come to Lincoln to enjoy the amazing countryside and spectacular views, Radomsko also attracts visitors from far and wide due to its location. It is very popular with skiers who are looking for the perfect place to enjoy the slopes and see some breath-taking mountain scenery at the same time.

Come back next week for the final edition of Lincoln’s Twins: Nanchang, China

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