Museum of Technology the Great War & WW11 – A Potted History Part 2

Our Story so far.. (continued from previous week)

Since starting the museum in 1999 it was always our vision to move the collection to larger premises and this was confirmed by the fact that we were quickly growing out of space, we were, and are given lots of artefacts that people don’t want to throw away, and as we want to preserve our heritage and look after these artefacts for the next generation, the search was on to find larger accommodation for the collection and a home for the two custodians who would live on site and oversee the move, (Trevor Cass and Rosie Hourihane)


Above photo: Part of the telephony collection 


Above photo: A selection of militaria

As all of the above was being funded by one main benefactor we had to be a bit fussy about where we could move to, and what we could afford, in 2011 we found the perfect place in Throckenholt, an old 1950’s barn (to be knocked down) and a small bungalow for us, along with room for a car park. We didn’t envisage how long and how painful it would be to get planning permission, it took a whole year and because a S106 was part of the permission we were unable to claim back any VAT, this you can normally do on new builds. This was a big blow to our finances, but we were determined to go ahead and now we have one amazing building which will house the collection. 

P1010322 P1010387 P1010388  Above Photos: Packing and dismantling

One of the excellent outcomes of moving to Lincolnshire was meeting Julia Knight and the folk who make up the South Holland Heritage Group, we met every month at Ashcoughfee Hall and the diversity of all the groups makes for very interesting meetings. Julia agreed to become our mentor and has helped us to maintain our accreditation, albeit a provisional one, this will be reviewed once we’re open.

Trevor has overseen the building of the museum and has taken on all the electrics, plumbing, painting and woodwork. We have been offered help from local people, and once open I don’t think we will have any trouble in getting volunteers to man the door or make teas and coffees.

Look out for the continuation of “A Potted History Part 3″ which will be published next Friday!


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