Museum of Technology the Great War & WW11 – A Potted History Part 1

Our Story so far..

In 1999 a small collection of telephones, valves and test equipment became the Museum of Technology the Great War & WW11. To say that the collection has grown is an understatement, we now have over 4000 artefacts covering all aspects of early technology, we limited the collecting period from between 1830 to 1980, an era known as the Electronic Revolution, but even so we were soon running out of space, more about that later.

We were extremely lucky to have the ground floor of 81 High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, for displaying the collection; the basement was used to run the business which helped to finance the museum.

In 2004 on the advice of our Hertfordshire MDO, we became a registered charity 1140352, mainly to safeguard the collection and take on board like minded trustees who, like us, wanted to preserve early technology.

This in turn resulted in pursuing the daunting task of becoming an accredited museum, we were greatly helped by the skills of the professionals working for Herts Museums, and at the time Samuel Rowlands was part of that team, his help and knowledge was invaluable.

We were awarded full accreditation in 2009, not bad for a small independent museum run by volunteers. We went on to develop a thriving schools service and supplied reminiscence sessions to over 300 elderly people. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of the staff at Herts Museums. Taking part in SHARE activities helped us gain knowledge and confidence, and once we are settled in our new premises we will want to continue with the training sessions which SHARE provides.

Look out for the continuation of “A Potted History Part 2” which will be published next Friday!


The Museum of Technology the Great War & WW11

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