Lincoln’s Twins Part Three: Port Lincoln, Australia

We’re going Down Under with part three of our Lincoln’s Twins series with a visit to Port Lincoln, Australia.

Visit the ‘Seafood Capital of Australia’ and experience an entirely different Lincoln than you’re used to. Port Lincoln is located in South Australia and has some amazing sea views. It also has a thriving tourist industry, much like our very own Lincoln.

Every year, thousands of visitors head to Port Lincoln for the Tunarama festival – a celebration of this popular fish and ocean it comes from. Events at this weekend festival include the Tuna Toss, where participants attempt to throw a whole tuna fish as far as they can. It might sound silly, but who are we to judge – we have Morris Dancers!

The area is also popular with those interested in water activities, such as scuba diving, shark cage diving and surfing. This popularity has led to a few notable sports figures originating from the area, including Weightlifter Dean Lukin, Australian netball player Lauren Nourse and Paralympic cyclist Kieran Modra.

Come back next week for Lincoln’s Twins Part Four: Tangshan, Hebei Province, China

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