Lincoln’s Twins Part Two: Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Germany

Traditionally in Lincoln the only time you see anything particularly German-themed is when the Christmas Market arrives, filled with smoked sausages and German beer. But Lincoln actually shares a lot in common with its Germanic twin.

The German town has 12 nature reserves within its borough, including part of the largest contiguous forest in Germany. It is also part of the German Wine Route which sees a number of festivals occur throughout the year, and if there’s one thing Lincoln does well, it is celebrating a festival.

Like Lincoln, Neustadt also has a lot of historic architecture, including the 18th Century Marienkirche Church, Hambach Castle, and the Stiftskirche Church which dates right back to the 14th century.

Come back next week for Lincoln’s Twins Part Three: Port Lincoln, Australia

Author Bio: Charlotte has been writing online content for newspapers, magazines and websites for the past eight years. She now works at Spiral Media in Lincoln where she supports a number of ecommerce clients with their content and communication strategies.

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