South Lincolnshire Walking Festival

Heritage Lincolnshire is developing a new walking festival that will cover North and South Kesteven, Boston and South Holland with the help of local councils and other partners. It will span each Friday to Sunday between 25th September and 31st October.

The concept of the South Lincolnshire Walking Festival is:

South Lincolnshire is a landscape full of contrasts, from the limestone cliff of the west to the fenlands of the east. Its varied topography has enabled people through the ages to take advantage of its assets, and evidence of their lives survives to this day. There’s no better way to discover the hidden treasures of south Lincolnshire than walking through the landscape that witnessed ancient burials; iron-age mints; roman forts; the Knights Templar; deserted medieval villages; castles, abbeys and much more.

In addition to discovering Lincolnshire’s history and heritage, the festival will give walkers the opportunity to get snapping on photography forays, get fit on health trails and take their children on adventures.

We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteer walk leaders who can lead cultural walks under the umbrella of their organisation or group. I’ve attached a walk submission form along with some hints and tips to help you.

If you have any questions please contact Beverley Gormley at

slwf helpful hints for walk submission form

2015 walk submission form