Archaeology for all: improving the experience of the hearing impaired community

Friday 5th December 2014

Coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) this event is FREE to attendees. Training will be delivered by learning and accessibility professionals from the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and held at the Sheffield Learning Centre.

The aim of the training is to widen access to the historic environment for individuals with hearing impairment, in pursuance of the CBA’s vision of ‘archaeology for all’.

Attendees will develop:

•understanding of the challenges faced by the hearing impaired community

•skills and confidence in communicating effectively with hearing impaired individuals

•understanding of how to present material for hearing impaired clients

•tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their organisation’s accessibility policy

The workshop will comprise a range of interactive and experiential activities, including an introduction to British Sign Language (BSL). Importantly, training will be delivered by members of the hearing impaired community with the support of a BSL interpreter.

Discussion will form a key part of the training day and participants are encouraged to share experiences and observation of best practice, providing a peer-to-peer learning opportunity. To this end, attendees are encouraged to bring along material to discuss with the group and it is anticipated that individuals will develop contacts for future collaboration.

This event is supported by English Heritage through the Voluntary Sector Capacity Building programme.

To book, please visit the CBA website:


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