Lincolnshire family’s World War One film to be shown at The Collection

A Lincolnshire family’s World War One story is the subject of a new feature film made in the county.

The film, Tell Them of Us, is the story behind one WW1 Lincolnshire war memorial. In particular it is the story of the Crowder family who had held their son Robert’s memory dear and had kept a remarkable archive of unpublished material.

The family, who now run the successful garden centre, Crowders of Horncastle, had kept all his letters written home from the front line. Robert’s brother wrote his memoirs and his sister-in-law had kept an album of personal mementoes through her years as a VAD nurse in the local hospital.

Robert’s story represents that of so many of that generation who were torn from their ordinary lives and thrown into the hell of war. Robert Crowder was not famous; he was neither an officer nor a decorated hero, though he was undoubtedly brave. He was just a gardener and a country boy who played the organ in his village church and loved, and was loved by, his family.

The film premiere will be in Lincoln this Saturday, with public showings at The Collection on the 8th November at 2pm then the, 9th 15th and 16th of November at 11am and 2pm. A charity premiere will be held at Stanhope Hall in Horncastle on 22 November. Stanhope Hall served as a hospital during WW1 and features briefly in the film.

Also opening at The Collection this weekend, the 8th November, is the Centenary Stitches Exhibition, which tells the story of the making of the film and shows the original costumes produced to bring the 1914-1918 period alive. The Exhibition also tells the story of how an international army of knitters was created, almost by accident, to help costume the film, but in the process revealing the extraordinary range of knitted items that were produced by friends and family at home for the men in the trenches.

Admission to the film showings and the Exhibition at The Collection is free of charge.

There are more details of showings at this link:


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