Traditional Building Skills @ the Heritage Skills Centre – Upcoming Events

Traditional Building Skills @ the Heritage Skills Centre

FREE training for homeowners, contractors and professionals!

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund try your hand at practical heritage skills and find out more about looking after historic buildings.

Introduction to Lime

On this one day course you’ll gain an understanding of why we use lime in historic buildings, the different applications of lime and how to mix lime mortar and wash and have a go at pointing a wall with lime mortar.

10am-4pm: Wed 29th October 2014; Sat 6th June 2015

Introduction to Traditional Roofing: Slate and Lead

Get to grips with traditional slate and lead roofing on this one day course. You’ll learn the basics of shaping, fixing and replacing slates and have a go at shaping lead.

10am- 4pm: Saturday 18th October 2014

Introduction to Lime Plastering for Beginners

Aimed at those with little to no understanding of plastering this course will introduce why we use lime based plasters in traditionally constructed buildings, take you through the different stages of plastering with lime and touch on patch-repair and decorative work.

10am-4pm: Saturday 8th November 2014; Saturday 13th June 2015

Introduction to Traditional Joinery

Explore ways to repair and maintain timber in traditionally constructed buildings and get hands on experience of the basic joints that we still used to maintain historic buildings.

10am-4pm: Saturday 22nd November 2014; Friday 20th March 2015

Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Windows

With a focus on sliding sash windows you’ll learn what makes up a traditional sash and case window, look at some common faults and simple repairs and be shown simple ways to improve the thermal efficiency of timber windows without effecting historic character.

10am-4pm: Saturday 17th January 2014, Friday 15th May 2015

Introduction to Stone Masonry

On this day course you’ll have an introduction to some of the basic techniques used by banker masons to shape stones for architectural use, including chamfers, curves and simple common motifs. Perfect for practical beginners.

10am-4pm: Saturday 21st February 2015; Wednesday 13th May 2015

Introduction to Lime Plastering for Plasterers

On this 2 day introduction for those who are used to plastering with modern gypsum based materials, you’ll learn why lime based plasters are essential in historic buildings and get hands-on experience of applying lime and hair plaster, leaving with a sound understanding of the theory and practice of using lime plasters. Participants are expected to have good basic trowel skills.

10am-4pm: Thursday 26th to Friday 27th March 2015

Introduction to Traditional Roofing: Clay and Lead

Learn the basics of roofing with tiles and lead on this one day course designed to introduce you to the methods of fixing and replacing traditional tiles and shaping lead through bossing and welding.

10am- 4pm: Saturday 25th April 2015

Email or call 01522541173 for more information and to book!

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