New GROW courses announced!

New GROW courses announced!

Join us for:

Lincolnshire’s 20th Century Military Legacy

FREE to new learners

A two session course starting Wednesday 24 September from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, and then on 1st October, at the Old School, Cameron Street, Heckington, NG34 9RW.

This course provides an introduction to the fascinating twentieth century legacy left by the military in Lincolnshire.

In 1914 – 18 and 1939 – 45, the world went to war. Lincolnshire is famous as the birthplace of the tank during World War I and as ‘Bomber County’ for its role in the Second World War. This course will look how the two world wars came to Lincolnshire and how the county responded to them.

Join Heritage Lincolnshire’s Gary Taylor to discover what survives today from one of the most important periods in the county’s history.


Setting up a local fieldwalking or archaeology project

FREE to new learners

A two session course starting Thursday 2 October, and then on Thursday 9th October, from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Old School, Cameron Street, Heckington, NG34 9RW.
This course provides an introduction on how to start a project to research the archaeology of your local area.
We will look at what techniques can be used to get your project underway and how to take your research from the archives into the field. We will cover how to find clues in old maps and aerial photographs, as well as where to find information about your area in the Historic Environment Record. There will also be an introduction to practical techniques such as fieldwalking, geophysics, and test pitting.
Join local archaeologist Dave Start to find out how you can help to uncover the archaeology of our county.


Introduction to Researching the History of your Village

FREE to new Learners

A two session course starting on Thursday 20th November, and then on 27th November, at The Old School, Cameron Street, Heckington, NG34 9RA.
Join Liz Bates for an introduction to methods of research into the history of a rural Lincolnshire village. The course will give you hints and tips about documentary resources available for your research and it will explain how a village survey can offer clues to its rich history. Case studies on Lincolnshire villages will be used for a fascinating introduction to the character of the area.


The Past Online: digital resources for local archaeology research

A one session, FREE, course on Wednesday 3 December from 1:30 to 4:30 at Nettleton Village Hall, Moortown Road, Nettleton, LN7 6AA.

This course provides an introduction to the wealth of free online resources that can be used to research the archaeology and history of your local area. If you’re interested in the past but unsure about computers then this is the course for you!

We will look at where to find information about the archaeological sites in your area, what excavations have occurred there in the past, and how you can find out more about them. We will demonstrate how to find out what artefacts have been found locally, and whether they are held in local or national museum collections. We will also consider historic buildings, including how to learn more about their construction, what levels of protection they have, and their current state of preservation. The course will also help you find out more about the historical resources that are available freely online, making your research easier and reducing the number of trips needed to libraries and archives.

The course will be interactive and assistance will be provided to help you get to grips with the resources discussed. If you have a laptop or tablet computer then please bring it along as there will only be a limited number available on the day. The village hall has free WiFi for the benefit of attendees.

Join Heritage Lincolnshire’s Ian Marshman to see how the internet can help you explore the archaeology that’s on your doorstep.

Booking is essential. For an enrolment form please email or telephone 01529 461499.

This programme of lifelong learning is run by Lincolnshire County Council. We aim to attract new learners and courses are open to all aged 19 or above on 31st August 2014.


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