‘TREASURES’ FROM THE STORE! – Wednesday 18th September

john and asentah

mystery object

The Cottage Museum collection includes a host of items which are treasures, not for their monetary value but because of the stories they can tell and the information they provide about people in the past and how they lived and worked.

Did you know that the collection includes a model of the Victoria Hotel made by John Wield who lived in the building which now houses the museum?

His parents Thomas and Mary Wield moved into the bungalow in 1887 and lived there for many years. They developed a thriving business bath-chair business which transported patients to the Spa and visitors around the village to various destinations which no doubt included the station and the Victoria Hotel.

The museum building itself is a treasure, as it is an early surviving example of a corrugated iron building and offers a glimpse into everyday life at a time when the Spa was thriving.

The Museum collection includes some intriguing artefacts, some of which are ‘mystery’ objects about which there can be a difference of opinion, stimulating a lively discussion! The collection includes a wealth of interesting images, including glass slides, and maps of the local area.

You are warmly invited to come along to the Community Room at the Cottage Museum in Woodhall Spa on Wednesday 18th September at 10.00am to see an exciting display of artefacts from the store, including the model, and there will be the opportunity to see if you can recognise some ‘mystery objects’. Volunteers from the Collections Team will be on hand to welcome you and talk to you about the collection and the work of the team.

Admission is £3.00 and will include tea and coffee.

To book, please call into the Museum or call 01526 353455

For further information please contact:

Kathy Holland, Activity Manager at Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum LN10 6SH

Mobile 07522 546189 or visit http://www.cottagemuseum.co.uk


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