JOBS: Review of Museum documentation at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Review of Museum documentation at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Buxton Museum is currently developing a Stage 2 Application to the HLF for Collections in the Landscape which includes renewal of the museum’s primary gallery and incorporating an ambitious programme to improve access to the collections by visitors in the landscape. The museum is also preparing itself for renewal of its Accreditation status.

Since both the HLF and Accreditation have requirements to provide robust documentation regarding the management of the museum, its collections and visitors, the museum has asked Museum Development East Midlands for a grant of £3,000 to recruit an experienced museum professional to be a critical friend.

This person will review the existing policies and procedures, recommend areas for improvement and assist in developing necessary additional documents including a digital strategy (for engagement, development and retention) and a marketing strategy. They will review current provision at the museum using established tools like Benchmarks in Collections Care.

The successful contractor will need to be familiar with the standards of documentation required by Accredited museums seeking HLF funding as well as with the current Accreditation standard. They will also be familiar with a range of tools to appraise the museum’s performance.

Most of the documents will be shared electronically. There should be a minimum of three visits to the museum: to discuss and review the project, to undertake the on-site surveys and to report back to the museum team.

The timetable is very tight, with the HLF bid being submitted around 8 August 2014. The project should be complete by 30 August 2014.

Further information is available from Ros Westwood on 01629 533 544. Applications to undertake this work should be sent via e-mail to by 5pm on 1 July 2014. The contract will be awarded by 4 July.

Applications should show experience to undertake this review and ability to meet the deadlines.


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