Be part of recording Lincolnshire’s medieval graffiti and making history!

Community heritage project Down Your Wold has linked up with the Lincolnshire Medieval Graffiti Project to survey and discover what medieval graffiti may be hidden in Lincolnshire Wolds churches.

The first of several medieval graffiti training sessions will take place on Wednesday June 25th at 10am in Walesby village hall. Attendees will need transport to get them to Tealby church for a practical session later on that morning.

Brian Porter, Medieval Graffiti Project Coordinator, explains: “We have uncovered some wonderful ancient art including Mason’s marks, pentagrams, circles, crosses, names, dates, board games, animals, ships, human figures and even musical notation in Lincoln Cathedral, all casually scratched onto stone.

“This is the first time medieval graffiti is being fully recorded as part of Lincolnshire’s heritage. We are looking to develop local groups to identify and systematically record ancient church graffiti in their part of the county. Volunteers will be trained in the simple techniques of surveying church graffiti.”

Spaces are limited for the training session and will be booked on a first come first served basis. Please call Sam Phillips, Down Your Wold project officer, on 01507 609740 if you would like to attend. More information on Down Your Wold can be found here


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