ARTISTS IN MUSEUMS (Workshop) – Wednesday 25 June 2014

ARTISTS IN MUSEUMS a workshop to explore your options
Wednesday 25 June 2014, 10am – 1pm at Creswell Crags Museum, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

This free workshop is an exploratory session, open to Accredited museums and those working towards Accreditation in the East Midlands, who are interested in the idea of working with an artist but are not sure how to begin.

Hosting an artist/s to work in your museum can bring many benefits: new audiences, seeing your collection through fresh eyes, funding and training and even marketing and press opportunities. There may also be worries. Will the collection be damaged? How to find an artist? Will anyone be put off? How can we afford it?
This workshop is for…
Museums who have pondered the options but may have found it overwhelming. This will be a fun, action focused session and will enable you to ask lots of questions and help develop ideas for future stages. There will be case studies and discussions to help you decide if you want to pursue ideas further. Remember an artist could be from any discipline – visual arts, crafts, literature, performance etc.
Who will the workshop be led by?
The workshop will be led by Fiona Mitchell-Innes, who has worked extensively across museums and the arts and had wide experience of artists working in Museums.
After the workshop…
It is hoped that MDEM will be able to secure funding for an in-depth training programme, including ‘go and see’ visits and action learning set sessions – with the aim of helping a cohort of museums to submit successful bids for funding to support Artists in Museum programmes across the region over next two years.
How to book / Queries
Email Danni Kennell, Information Officer at with your name and email address. Max two people per museum. Places are limited.

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