Dave Start’s guide to the archaeology of prehistoric Britain (5th and 12th June)

Dave Start’s guide to the archaeology of prehistoric Britain


A two week course starting on Thursday 5th June 2014 from 1.30am to 4.30pm – with the second session held on 12th June

Held at: The Old School, Cameron Street, Heckington, NG34 9RW


Britain has one of the richest, but still under-appreciated, records of early human history in the

world. We have undergone extreme changes of environments, plants and animals over the

last 500,000 years and early Britons had to cope with enormous changes of climate.

Led by Dave Start, this course takes a broad look at the types of archaeological evidence

available for locating and understanding prehistoric communities in Britain from 500,000 –

1,000 BC. We will examine changing technology from the development of sophisticated stone

tools through to the discovery and use of metals. We will also and consider the changes in

society that accompanied these technological developments.


To book your place contact Heritage Lincolnshire on (01529) 461499 or email

htladmin@lincsheritage.org for an enrolment form.


The course is funded by the GROW lifelong learning programme managed by Lincolnshire

County Council and is free to new learners. We aim to attract new learners and courses are

open to all aged 19 or above on 31st August 2013.


For further information, contact:
Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire
The Old School
Cameron Street
NG34 9RW
Telephone: 01529 461499
Fax: 01529 461001
Email: info@lincsheritage.org

Website: http://www.lincsheritage.org

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