Lincolnshire Folklore, Music and Song

Bassingham Ploughboys in Leadenham in the 1930'sIf you are interested in the folklore of Lincolnshire including traditional music and songs, then why not come along to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life on Sunday 18th May at 2.00pm for what promises to be an enjoyable afternoon of Lincolnshire folklore, music and song. The event will include an illustrated talk interspersed with live folk music and song.

As part of the Customs and Folklore talk we will look at a selection of customs and try to ascertain their origins and purpose and explore why some were discontinued.


Plough plays are just one of the many curious customs of Lincolnshire, and there are many more, including Haxey Hood in the north of the county. From Haxey Hood in the north to Stamford Bull running in the south, by way of Caistor Gad Whipping, Maypoles, Morris Dancers and Mould Washers, Pancake Day, Pag Rag Day and Pace Egging, Hay Strewing and Horkey Day, Ran-Tanning and even Wife Sales! Also hear about the strange dances on the Playgarth at Dorrington.

This was rural Lincolnshire and its people enjoying the few breaks they had from their hard existence on the land.

The event will be presented by Tom Lane, Nigel Creasey and Terri Clarke.

The talk aims to be informative yet entertaining, academic yet fun. You will enjoy it – Touch Wood. Now why do we touch wood for luck? Well let’s go along and find out. It might be good, Fingers Crossed! Now why……….?


The event has been organised by the Society of Lincolnshire History and Archaeology as part of ‘Past and Present’ which is a year of events and activities to celebrate 170 years since the foundation of the Society.

The project is kindly supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The event will be held at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Burton Road, Lincoln LN1 3LY. Admission is £2.50

To book, please call the Society 01522 521337 or email

To find out more about the Society and other events and activities, please visit


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