‘Managing Major Buildings Projects in Places of Worship’ 24 June 2014

Following two previous very successful training days, HRBA’s third training day in partnership with and with financial support from Purcell is to be on 24 June held in the church of All Saints, Oakham in the Diocese of Peterborough.

This is an important opportunity to hear expert speakers on how to manage a major project in a place of worship, and to meet others who are carrying out such work. The day is open to anyone.

The purpose of the day is to help with the management of all stages of a building project in a place of worship, from start up through to making sure benefits are achieved over the long term. It is aimed at those concerned with places of worship of all sizes, types and location, and will be relevant both to new build, alterations and repairs. Although focusing on projects of a significant size, many of the principles apply in simplified form to smaller projects, and the day should be useful whatever the size of project being considered. It will be useful both to those who are directly responsible for a single project in a single building, and those who have an oversight role for a number of religious buildings.

The programme and booking form can be downloaded from here



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