The key to unlocking a vault containing around £9,000 of gold lies within Lincolnshire – can you crack the Riddle?

SOMEWHERE hidden amongst the ancient pastures and rolling landscape of East Lindsey lies the answers to a riddle which will unlock a vault containing gold worth around £9,000.

The Riddle of the Marshes is a Treasure Hunt of a culmination of work done by the project which took its organisers over three years to research, plan and implement. The 10oz Gold Bullion prize will be presented to one lucky person who cracks the Riddle.

Organised by the Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes Project, the unique treasure hunt will lead those taking part on a journey of knowledge and wonderment, through Lincolnshire’s Grazing Marshes, discovering local myths, history and legends.

The treasure hunt will start on May 5 and finish on October 6. Those taking part can attempt to crack the riddle in as long or short a period as they want during this time.

Grazing Marshes Project Officer Joe Blissett, said: “The Riddle of the Marshes Project has been created to show that there is more to Lincolnshire than the Wolds, Fens and Coast – there’s a landscape teeming with wildlife and cultural history which is at risk of being lost forever. It is hoped that the Riddle of the Marshes will help to tell this story in a completely new way.  I wish all those taking part the very best of luck.”

To take part, people need a ‘Riddle pack’ which contains all of the information required, plus a short story and clue booklet to guide you through the hunt. The packs cost £15 and can be pre-ordered by ringing 01507 613134. Packs will be sent out in time for the bank holiday weekend.

Riddle of the Marshes celebrates Lincolnshire’s valuable Grazing Marshes in association with the Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes Landscape Partnership and the Heritage Lottery Fund to protect this important natural habitat and the rich cultural history of England’s lesser known landscape in a way that has never been done before. ‘Riddlers’ will be guided through picturesque communities and ancient pastures, learning about a colourful history of salt-making, smuggling,farming and market towns.

Although the value of gold is known to fluctuate on an hourly basis, the 10oz bullion is worth in the region of £9,000 dependant on the exchange value on any particular day.



Good luck!


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