Invitation to join us at the village hall on Saturday 30th November for our launch of our book ” FISKERTON THROUGH THE AGES”.
The book includes many descriptions and photographs of Fiskerton’s rich past from 10,000 years ago when the last Ice Age ended. It illustrates Fiskerton’s long and fascinating history, stretching right back to the very early days of man’s activities in Britain and through to Fiskerton in in the Second World War and more modern times. There is information, for example, on the important archaeological finds from the Bronze and Iron Ages, the history of Fiskerton’s Long Wood, how the old manorial system operated here, the history of the five inns and pubs in the parish, the history of the last village blacksmith and much more.

Do come and join us. We will be at the village hall from 11.30 to 1.00pm with tea and coffee. The village hall is on Ferry Road, LN3 4HW [parking available].The book will be on sale for £7.00 a copy: cheques need to be made payable to Fiskerton Parish Council. If you are unable to get along on the day and would like a copy please contact Sally Scott on 01522 750121 or email We will also have copies of our previous book “Yellowbelly Youth, A Fiskerton Boyhood”.


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