Making tracks to Louth

Lincolnshire Wolds Railway owns the length of the former East Lincolnshire main line from Holton le Clay southwards to Louth.

It was purchased from British Railways as bare trackbed, with all the tracks removed and buildings demolished.

Over the past 20 years, volunteers have rebuilt 2 stations at Ludborough and North Thoresby and laid around 2 miles of track.

We currently operate around 40 running days a year; the largest event is the 1940s Weekend each September which involves many former service personnel and service charities.

The next step is to extend the track southwards towards Louth.

There will be several main segments to this project, which are (very much simplified) shown below:

1. clearing the trackbed, levelling, laying ballast and then track from Ludborough to Pear Tree Lane (around 1 mile);

2. clearing the very overgrown trackbed southwards from Pear Tree Lane to Louth ready to survey for signalling and tracklaying (around 6 miles);

3. structurally check the three road bridges and repair to required standard;

4. install road level crossing at Pear Tree Lane;

5. reinstate level crossing at Fotherby;

6. install signalling and telecommunications along length of track;

7. lay track (around 6 miles);

8. rebuild the Halt at Utterby;

9. build infrastructure at Louth.

Of course, several elements could be undertaken at the same time, volunteers and funding permitting.

We see this very much as a long-term, staged project, and hope to put together the first stage – getting to Pear tree Lane – first.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the project should contact Marie Chapman at


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