Terrible Tales

TERRIBLE TALES – Lincolnshire Aviation – SUMMER 2014 TOUR

The first recorded lighter-than-air flight in Lincolnshire took place in October 1811 when the first Englishman to ascend in a balloon, James Sadler, landed at Heckington, near Sleaford in a hydrogen filled balloon, thus ending an 85 mile flight from Birmingham.

TERRIBLE TALES – Lincolnshire Aviation is the new, dynamic story of Lincolnshire’s rich aviation heritage for Key Stage 2 children and their families. The theatrical show sees the creation of a bespoke team of actors, a graphic artist, a CGI designer and a musician. A vibrant, engaging and academically-sound script is woven within a multimedia/theatre programme that sees children gain new arts skills; an insight into the world of gaming design and CGI (and the programming and operating of the process); access to the rich and diverse aviation heritage of Lincolnshire and participation for some children in the performance.

For the Royal Air Force, Lincolnshire can be considered as the spiritual home of military aviation. During the Great War, units flew from here to defend the Midlands against the Zeppelin threat. In the Second World War the county became known as Bomber County because of the concentration of British and allied air assets which defended and attacked from Lincolnshire airfields. During the Cold War the county was home to the British independent nuclear deterrent in the form of Thor missiles and the Vulcan bomber. In the current era stations such as RAF Waddington are generating air power on ongoing operations.

Although some aspects of the county’s aviation heritage are well documented, there are many other stories from the First and Second World Wars that are not known. Terrible Tales reveals a raft of unique stories that will amaze, inspire and entertain children and staff alike.

With a bespoke Education Pack supporting the show, the whole school benefits from having the show visit.

Hot on the heels of the successful summer 2013 tour of Terrible Tales – Lincolnshire – http://www.terribletales.co.uk – where schools enjoyed Terrible Tales’ unique blend if fun, irrelevance and learning, the new show promises to highlight the vast contribution the Armed Forces gave, and continue to give to the country.

Terrible Tales – Lincolnshire Aviation will tour Lincolnshire in June and July 2014 and we believe there may well be opportunities for your venue to be highlighted in the Schools’ Education Pack.

You may also wish to consider booking the show as part of your Summer season’s tourism offer.
The one hour show will add a new dynamic to your season offering a new and dynamic family-friendly show .

There is no obligation at this time but we are keen to hear from you should you wish to receive more details about the Summer 2014 tour and how you might receive the show. There will be a limited number of shows

Please email david@culturalsolutions.co.uk with the following details:


Should you have any queries please phone David Lambert on 078809 08539
Thank you.


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