Gravity FM needs you!

Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire Gravity FM is the local community radio station, a not for profit community organisation run by volunteers within the community. We put together a monthly heritage feature.

I am aiming to put together one on Life in the Workhouse, which would cover

Pooe laws and how people ended up there,
what life was life in the workhouse,
The extreme poverty at the time,
Workhouse Rules and regulation
Children and their education in the workhouse
Workhouse food
Where these places used as hospitals when none where available where they lived

because I found this …..

Workhouses were divided into separate areas / wards where the inmates were
“assigned” usually at an initial interview when they were accepted for entry
into the Workhouse. Some record offices still hold the Interview notes made
for all admissions (but this is the exception rather than the rule).
I can give some examples of the areas used:
Male Epileptic Ward
Aged Womens Ward
Male Tramp Ward
Lying In Ward
Female Venereal
Able Bodied Men
Female Infirmary
Boys School
Girls school
Bad Leg Ward
Male Convalescent

I’m looking for historians/interested individuals that may be interested in talking about any part of these subjects that I could record on voice recorder and edit for a feature.
Email with your ideas and stories.


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