Enquiry from BBC Learning about First World War Centenary projects

On behalf of BBC Learning, I’m doing some research into projects in the region that are linked to the First World War Centenary next year. Apologies if you’ve already received this request – and thank you if you’ve sent me some information.
The BBC is planning a lot of related broadcast on all channels, but BBC Learning’s approach to the Centenary has yet to be decided. In the meantime, I’m doing a bit of a scoping exercise – to find out what potential partners in the region are planning. My aim is to show colleagues the kind of partners we could work with – if we formulate the right project.
I’m not looking for much information, but it would be really useful to get a brief overview of any potential projects – i.e. what has been planned, for when, which partners are involved? Hopefully, this will help BBC Learning to design a project that fits with what you’re doing. 
Please reply to helen.sykes@bbc.co.uk
Thank you and best wishes
BBC Learning Project Manager (East Midlands)

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