Membership 2013

Dear Colleagues

The Forum continues to be a friendly, active network of people who represent the many and varied heritage organisations, students, freelance workers and individuals with an interest in the culture and heritage of Lincolnshire. The Forum has a strong volunteer committee who strive to ensure that members have access to national, regional and local initiatives, good practice, funding and support in all aspects of heritage. The committee consists of members from heritage organisations, the tourism industry, the local authority, universities and the volunteer agencies.

During the course of 2013 the Forum will:

  • Produce and distribute its popular and successful annual A2 promotional ‘Discover Lincolnshire’ leaflet
  • Organise the first annual Heritage Conference to be held on March 1st at the Showroom, Tritton Road, Lincoln.
  • Actively encourage and support the Regional Heritage Awards
  • Develop a support network of trained Mentors to allow Forum members easy access to experienced advisors and practitioners regarding any problems or development issues
  • Support and encourage all museums to become accredited (vital for funding opportunities)
  • Work in partnership with Arts Council, East Midlands Museum Services (EMMS) and local authorities
  • The committee are actively developing emerging initiatives and welcome any ideas you may have

I do hope that you will consider becoming a member of the Lincolnshire Heritage Forum, together we are able to provide and promote the strong and distinctive heritage of Lincolnshire.  Attached to this post are the relevant Membership Forms and details for inclusion in the annual ‘Discover Lincolnshire’ leaflet which will be produced in April 2013.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Goodall
Chair, Lincolnshire Heritage Forum

For membership queries please contact the Membership Secretary  Jannette Warrener;
Application forms can be downloaded here:
Membership Application

Please feel free to download the promotional flyer and distribute it amongst your networks.
Become a Member- Stronger Together 2013


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