Introducing: Paul Jefford

Paul Jefford, a Director of the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society Ltd (LVVS).

Paul joined the LHF Committee in November 2012, having previously been a Committee member from 2004 to 2007, and Chairman from 2006 to 2007, when he worked with Hannah Gould, Lincolnshire Museum Development Officer, to raise the profile of the Forum and increase its membership.

A retired Civil Servant, Paul has been active in museum management as a volunteer for about 25 years, first with the Sheffield Bus Museum Trust and for the last twelve years with the LVVS, in which he has held a number of posts including Vice Chairman. Involvement with road transport museums grew out of a lifelong interest in vehicles of all kinds, a strong sense of the importance of history and a general liking for museums as a whole. He shares with his wife Joyce their own small vehicle collection. He is a member of a range of transport and motoring societies, contributes occasional articles for enthusiast magazines and has written a book about the many facets of the Austin Maxi car.

Paul is an individual member of the Museums Association (MA) has attended several MA Conferences and one of the Association of Independent Museums. He attends regularly the meetings of the National Association of Road Transport Museums and recognises the value of networking with a range of professionals and staff in the wider world of museums.

In the autumn of 2012 Paul and Joyce were responsible for preparing the LVVS’ application for Accreditation of its Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum under the 2011 Standard.

Paul sees a role for the Heritage Forum as a voice and a modest means of support for the museums and heritage sector in Lincolnshire.


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