Introducing: Jannette Warrener

Jannette Warrener, Custodian, Woolsthorpe Manor (National Trust)

Jannette joined the committee in June 2012 and has just taken on the role of Membership Secretary for the forum. Jannette has worked in museums, heritage and tourism since 1997 covering both Marketing Management and Operational Management roles. She currently manages Woolsthorpe Manor for the National Trust after leaving behind Nottingham where she has spent most of her career working in many of Nottingham City’s heritage sites. Woolsthorpe Manor attracts over 33,000 visitors from all over the world every year, and Jannette’s role is both strategic and hands-on – her happiest days are working the café! Along with the forum, Jannette’s passion for heritage has extended to taking on the role of a museum mentor, voluntarily supporting Chain Bridge Forge Museum through accreditation.



  1. […] Secretary: Jannette Warrener, Woolsthorpe Manor […]

  2. […] Secretary: Jannette Warrener, Woolsthorpe Manor […]

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