Become a Member

Ever wondered how to join the Lincolnshire Heritage Forum? Well it couldn’t be easier.

You’ll need to decide whether you’d like to join as an institution (your workplace or a group that you’d like to represent) or as an individual member. Every member is invited to a minimum of three annual meetings, and we are pleased to confirm that we will be hosting the Annual Heritage Awards in 2012 after a brief hiatus in 2011. Institutions may send multiple representatives to each meeting.

For those institutions joining, we also offer the option to include your museum or cultural site in our full colour promotional leaflet. The leaflet is published annually and distributed across the county with a roll of between 10,000 and 20,000. We’re sorry, we only include visitor attractions in the leaflet, but our Institutional Membership is open to Any organisation that is interested in associating with the Forum.

The cost is as follows:

Individual Member: £10

Institution: £15

Entry into the Leaflet: £40

The last date for entry into the Leaflet for 2012 is 20/01/2012. Applications for membership, without leaflet entry, are welcomed throughout the year for new members.

To join, please email or (Membership Secretary) to request an application form.



  1. I know it’s sad, but I didn’t even know you existed! So glad to see that people are meeting, talking and keeping our amazing heritage at the high profile it deserves. I’m going to join as soon as I’ve had my morning coffee. Oh, I’m a freelance/community artist by the way, have been and would love to keep helping to raise participation at Heritage sites through the arts. Carol x

    1. Thanks Carol, It’s really great to hear you’re inspired by our work! We’ve been in place for several years and now doing our best to reach a wider community. Please tell your fellow artists and friends about us!
      Heather, Committee Secretary

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